With the legend that is Grandmaster Flash on the decks and the Alizé cocktails in full flow, the Alizé Remixed 2008 finale at Paper Nightclub proved that Alizé is a legendary Liqueur on the music scene.

Not only did the party celebrate the delicious liqueur's 21st birthday but it also marked the end of the Alizé Remixed nationwide tour where Alizé searched the country looking for the next best DJs. After finding winners in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London, the DJs came together for a once in a lifetime opportunity to support the turntable originator on the decks.

The classics were flowing, and for three hours Flash proved why he is known as the Grandmaster! With his cohort DJ Demo bigging up Alizé over the mic and Flash wowing the club with his scratching and mixing of hip hop anthems, the crowd were literally begging for more.

Alize Remixed Finale

With soul, pop and even Rock on the play list, the party (and champagne corks!) were popping till the early hours. As the clocks rolled back an hour, London Alizé Remixed winner DJ Cable stepped up and continued what Flash had started. When the lights came up, clubbers were refusing to leave and even started impromptu accapella performances to try and eek out the last of an amazing night!

Party-goer Sam Lewis said, "Man, Flash is a legend! The dance floor was literally rocking and girls were all up on the chairs with their shoes in their hands! There was even a cocktail named after him to mark the occasion. Just amazing!"

Rising magician Damien was on hand to dazzle the crowd with his mind blowing Alizé Bottle tricks! With all kinds of objects appearing in bottles and disappearing out of them into thin air people were left confused, amazed and excited!

Alize Remixed Finale

One of the highlights on the night was the six infamous diamond encrusted Alizé bottles! Valued at over £2000,00 per bottle and blinging under the club lights, they were closely guarded by security as people queued to take photos! Famous owners of these limited edition diamond encrusted bottles include Beyonce Knowles and Sarah Harding!

For those who missed out on the hottest night London has seen all year the Alizé Remixed kicks off again in 2009. Stay tuned to Alizé Remixed.com for details of the New Year's competition and tour dates.

By: Nino

Alize Remixed Finale - Damien

Alize Remixed Finale

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