Foreign Beggars Live At Jazz Cafe 12/2/2013

Although I wasn’t there to witness the inevitable majesty of Wednesday’s show, Tuesday’s show was fantastic nevertheless. The reunion and 10 year anniversary of the Asylum Speakers album, featuring artists and full band made this a landmark of UK Hip Hop history. With both shows sold out, Dark Circle opened up, having travelled from Germany and Iceland, and set the tone for an incredible evening of music.

Once Orifice and Metropolis came on for the opening songs of the set, things started really heating up, joined by Kashmere for Stabilise and Dark Circle for a couple of renditions. I have to say, the whole band sounded great, with Nonames provided some nice cuts as well. Everyone remembered all their bars perfectly with great synergy between Orifice, Metropolis and the other emcees.

Skinnyman‘s arrival was, as can be imagined, mental. The place exploded and to say his presence in the building was felt would be an understatement, Hold on went down massively. Champagne was shared extravagantly with the appreciative audience. Mayhem. The whole event had a celebratory feel and a reminder of how much we enjoyed the Asylum Speakers album when it first dropped.

We were also treated to great performances from Wayne Wonda, Skrein and Dr Syntax who didn’t miss a beat, the ten year old verses still sounding as good as new and Graziella‘s voice sounding amazing. The almighty Taskforce represented to the fullest, with Chester reading his verse from some kind of portable communication device, but somehow still flawless. Much good energy was broadcasted, wise words spoken, it was epic you had to be there sorry. So yeah, it was a lot of fun, met a lot of cool people, a few old comrades, loved it, thanks Pavan you’re a genius.

By: Esh | IBMCs

Foreign Beggars Live At Jazz Cafe 12/2/2013

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