Holdin' Court At The White Hart, Basingstoke 11/07/2009

Holdin' Court brought their Monthly Hip-Hop night to Basingstoke for a one off demo show, as a warm-up / first day after party to Basingstoke Live. The show itself was jammed packed with a mixture of performers… as had been billed by the night’s organisers.

Being totally free, the night was sure to attract a big crowd, it is doubtful however, that the shows organisers could have anticipated just how many people managed to pack them selves into the White Hart Pub. The event ran from around 7.30pm with DJ Habibi (who had travelled from Madrid, Spain to play at the event) playing a popular mix of funk, soul and Hip-Hop to ease the crowd in.

Holdin' Court - DJ Ivan6Next DJ to take hold on the wheels of steel was Shep of SSRadio. He also played his own selection of original breaks and golden era classics, plenty of which you can find on his regular Internet radio show (funk.ssradiouk.com).

As the crowd began to gather the weather outside started to determine those brave enough to face the wind and relentless rain showers and those who sensibly opted for the cover of a warm and friendly, home cooked meal of a Hip-Hop night at Holdin’ Court. DJ Ivan6 continued his regular residency in style playing a mix of Hip-Hop bangers; oldskool classics and the occasional classic pop record thrown in for good measure to warm-up those who had been soaked through by British summer rain.

As the crowds inside the White Hart began to swell, the first emcee’s of the night, ‘Adventures of…’ stepped to the stage to perform a selection of material both old and new which really pleased the crowd who seemed content with the selection of material produced from the DJ’s further.

Following the first act of the night, Hooshang produced his own blend of party bangers with plenty of cuts and scratching to accompany Ivan6’s dope efforts prior to the emcees fore mentioned.

Holdin' Court - Oliver

Oliver Sudden was next up. The emcee hailing from Croydon who runs his own night prolific ‘Bangers’ who was promoting his latest release The Vintage Fly EP. The highlight of Oliver’s set had to be the track ‘British Summer’ which the crowd vocally embraced and within the songs lyrics clearly reflected the forecast outside.

PROSE the duo consisting of Steady and Efeks followed this well received performance. Efeks experience and professionalism captured the crowd and set the venue alight over Steady’s well crafted, Boom Bap Beats.

Basingstoke’s own Brother Beatbox went next, dropping his selection of tracks to keep the crowd moving. The night was then played out by a set once more by DJ Habibi…

Holdin' Court - Prose

The night was attended by over 300 people passing through the venues doors. A lot of drink was drunk and the bar even offered Vodka jellies in spirit of the festival and party atmosphere. A good time was had by all and most people came away agreeing that the real festival was had at Holdin’ Court in the ideal confines of the White Hart.

The shows organisers wish to thank all who attended including all performers and members from the NLS, TZC, TSC, TUK & STM crews.

Although this event was a one-off, Holdin’ Court have packed a number of future shows into the rest of their schedule for this year.

By: Luke

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Holdin' Court - Steady

Holdin' Court At The White Hart, Basingstoke 11/07/2009

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