HUGO Urban Rules

Hugo Urban Rules – Urban music programme is a project aimed to create the next best thing in the UK music scene.  Hugo fragrances are working in conjunction with MTV UK, MTV Base and some of the biggest names in the urban arena.

Hugo Urban Rules is set to develop the talent of unsigned R&B and Hip-Hop acts within the UK.  So if you or anybody you know think you have what it takes to be the next best thing, log onto the website and follow the RULES!!  February 2007 will see the winner of this competition perform at a star studded event in Birmingham alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.  You can also log on and enter a prize draw to win tickets to this special event.

HUGO Urban Rules ConcertThe Hugo Boss Urban Rules show case was definitely tailor made to perfection.  Every act smelt the sweet smell of success on the night.  The crème de la crème of the UK’s talent: Teri Walker and Sway graced us with their presence.  The crowd was then overwhelmed with a full set by the American artist Joe  

Terri Walker gave a full hearted sassy performance; she oozed confidence and vocal brilliance.  At times she was more into her jam than the crowd who were mainly industry bods who just didn’t get it!!!!

All performances were a diverse mix of emotion, creativity and humour (Sway) 10/10 for a freebee!!

Talking of the man himself he donned his trademark British bandanna.  Performing tracks such as This Is My Demo and Little Derek to get the crowd going.  We also had the pleasure of hearing two new cuts as he tested them out in front of a live audience.

Unfortunately some of the crowd (industry) were not equipped to deal with Sway as I don’t think they understood his angle. But for me it was a breath of fresh air.  Big up to sway who showed appreciation for Teri Walker or should I say her bum which he was mesmerised by.  Sway as ever gave a conscious performance with charm filled metaphors.

HUGO Urban Rules ConcertThe charismatic performance of Joe preceded all expectations; with his live band in toe he dazzled the crowd with his brilliance and belted out some of his old time classics such as All The Things, Good Girls, More And More and then performed Where U At (latest single). What a performance!  Joe definitely showed that he is a master of his trade.

Well as for the Daisy the Urban Rules competition winner, her performance was very lacklustre, although she tried her best.  With time and experience she will learn to perform to the crowd and not herself.  I don’t think she did a bad job it but it was just that all the other acts were of such a high calibre.  But respect to her all the same.

Hugo Urban Rules pulled out all the stops on the night to make sure all of their guests were entertained.  Apart from the confusion outside with people not knowing which queue to get in (industry vs. the rest!) all went well.  And to top it off most people received goodie bags at the end of the night packed with free gifts, which was the perfect end to a perfect night.

By Jemma Capleton

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