Leeds Hip-Hop Scene Showcase @ New Bohemia - Friday 14th Sept. 2007 - INC, Dr Knox, Monkey See Do

Fucking hell. I spent last night (from 8pm through til about 3am) at the Fav, chilling with the Leeds Hip-Hop Scene boys and more importantly catching up with Billy Brimstone AKA Jehst for a filmed interview.

That should be hitting the interweb soon and best believe we got some iiiiiillllll footage… might need a bit of editing first though! Anyway, I also saw the live show so you know the drill, I'm a run my mouth for a bit and let you know what I thought.

The main support act was Kid Acne who was frankly crap… no other way to say it I'm afraid. You know how much I hate retro rap? What could possibly be worse than timid copyists making endless tributes to a bygone rap era? Well, picture two hipsters (plus a DJ) doing ironic rip-offs of the '80s Nu-Skool style invented by Run DMC and already done to death in an "amusing" way by the Beasties… it was not good. And every song sounded the same, with the possible exception of their desecration of BDP's "South Bronx", reimagined as "South Yorks". Ugh…

Micall Parknsun

Luckily the YNR crew were in the building and on top form. Micall Parknsun was first up… I've never really felt his recorded tunes before so it was nice to realise that they don't begin to do justice to his live presence. I'll definitely be listening to his back catalogue with new ears in future.


He had a couple of solo tunes and then inevitably Jehst made a move on stage. Last time J-Star hit New Bohemia, towards the end of '06, he was suffering from a throat infection or similar, which pretty much killed off his performance. This time round it was hard to believe we were dealing with the same artist… he barely stayed still for a second and punched his rhymes out with energy, humour and faultless rhythm throughout.

Jehst - YNR

Sir Smurf Lil of The Colony (…Co-Gypsy Pilot, Poet Porcha, slash, Caribbean Pirate…) was also present and was of course sick as hell… plus shouts to LG on the beats and cuts.

By: Analogue


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