Method Man And Redman Ticket Giveaway

There’d been a lot of hype surrounding this show, and with Wu Tang known for their non appearances, lack luster efforts and with one or two other recent bizarre performances from other much hyped US mc’s, the question was could they deliver? Not only did the pair deliver, they bit the roof off chewed it up and spat if out back into the crowd with optimum ease…
Support is never normally easy in these kind of events, and it was down to Lady Likes, Pyrelli and hot prospects Triple Darkness to get this impatient crowd onside. Triple Darkness flowed through a number of tracks from their forthcoming album ‘Anathema’ to the eventual appreciation of a potentially hostile audience, warming the fray nicely for what was to come.
‘The energy ya’ll give us. We’re gonna give back to you’….

Method Man bellowed as he entered the stage, closely followed by Reggie Noble aka Redman. This sparked a rapturous release of crowd anticipation that the pair managed to hold onto for the duration of the set!

The pair bounced around, and on more than one occasion, off the stage! The crowd certainly stuck to their half of the bargain too and reflected their energy straight back!
The reason why? You forget, these guys have got more classics between them than Lennon & McCartney. Ok maybe that’s a slight  exaggeration, but its been along time since I’ve heard ‘How High’, ‘Da Rockwilder’, ‘Time for Sum Akshun’ & ‘M.E.T.H.O.D MAN’ in a club and It felt GOOOOD!!!

This was to be their only possible downfall as the pair didn’t have all night, which meant many of the classics we’re cut short, leaving me and many others gasping for more. That said it was impossible to not leave the venue that night without wearing a grin the size of Reggie’s himself…
Worth the wait!

By: Jim Brownski
Pics By: Bernard Miller / Aneesha Pandor

Method Man And Redman At Shepherds Bush Empire - M9 And Cyrus Malachi

Method Man And Redman At Shepherds Bush Empire - Redman

Method Man And Redman At Shepherds Bush Empire - M9

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