Music x Fashion x Heineken = Studio43 Art Show at Art WHiNo

Tuesday night at Art Whino marked a significant moment in DMV history. I mean yea it was labelled and promoted as an "art show", but damn, who knew an "art show" in the D.M.V. could attract the likes of Lrg, Heineken and Greedy Genius?… not me!

I mean I’m years away from drinking, but damn, Heineken was in the building… thats serious! Rumour has it Bammas was drinking free "green monsters" [thats a Heineken in the hood by the way] all night as well as endless bottles of Ciroc and Nuvo, courtesy of 43? But you ain’t hear it from me… lol.

Of course you know the whole 43 was in the was in the building, "swag on a hundred, thousand, trillion!" hosted by the gracious "Lifestyle Specialist" aka Kenny Burns! MC work was provided by none other than Marky and A.B. The Pro, who played Kid & Play for a minute [yea, I peeped it]… and uhh, everybody else [Judah and TNT] were chillin! Heavy hitters such as Raheem DeVaughn, DJ Heat, Ra the MC, Anwaa Kong, G*Two and Tabi Bonney were also heavily in attendance in support of this special occasion.

For once, maybe even twice there is nothing to 'cise about this event. I mean the music was nothing short of tough! Shout out to [DJ] Lil' Mic by the way… who else you know can play Kanye's new joint, "Love Lockdown" and keep the [entire] crowd rocking?… me neither! By the way, when they said "complimentary" food [ribs, sweet potatoes & greens], they actually meant necessary! Lol. Somehow Bammas put together a semi-formal event, but yet keep it way hood and still leaving with a sense of elegance and distinction…?

But in all seriousness, shout out to 43 x Art Whino for putting together such a great event. Most importantly, congratulations to the beautiful Barbie Bibiana aka Photo Princess… this is the first of many, just know that!

We so major.

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