Nneka At Cargo 15th July 2008

Well, what can I say? Quality! I receive a huge amount of CD’s each month and I have to say that 80% of them are, to put it bluntly, shit. So when I do pick up a half decent album it stands out like a green jacket with an orange belt.

I received Nneka's album “Victim of Truth” quite some time ago. I have to say that, even though it’s not my usual bag, I grew fond of it pretty quickly and it was played in my car from start to finish on countless occasions. This is why, when I was offered a guest pass for this night, I roped one of my comrades to come with me so that I could write this review (and have a few cheeky beers on a Monday night, of course).

NnekaI did turn up a bit late but then again… so did Nneka, which worked for me. As soon as she came on stage the first thing I noticed is how good her voice is (props to the soundman too, obviously) and her backing were all spot on. Considering that the original bass player couldn’t get a visa to come over to England and he had to be replaced on that day, it was spot on. The stand in bass player had to learn the whole set in five hours. I wouldn’t have known unless it was mentioned.

I had a good night all round and there was a really good atmosphere and an extremely appreciative crowd. You could tell that everyone that was there really enjoyed the show.

Basically, if you like this sort of shizzle, get yourself down to Nneka’s next gig. Keep your eyes open for her name. I was pleasantly surprised!

By: Kris Drew

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