Red Bull Beat Battle @ Hackney Empire
If you missed the Red Bull Beat Battle at the Hackney Empire – you have missed the Hip Hop extravaganza of the year! Fortunately, was there to bring you the 411.

Utilising one of the best performance venues in London, the Hackney Empire was full to capacity and buzzing with excitement. A few famous faces mingled with the crowd, everyone eagerly anticipating the b-boy event of the year! Now for all of you who are new to Hip Hop culture, B-Boys (and B-Girls, don’t forget) originated from the streets of New York.

The style of dance can be traced way back to pioneers such as the late James Brown and DJ Cool Herc their influence, and the influence of others such as DJ Marley Marl on Hip Hop culture is profound, and all the performing crews at the Red Bull Beat Battle carry on this legacy.

Anyway, enough of the eulogy. Hosted by Crazy Legs of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, the show saw eight of the world’s most talented B-Boy Crews battle it out to a eight minute mix tape made by eight renowned DJs. Yes, there was a ‘eight’ theme running throughout the event- it was all about the eight beat of Hip Hop and the crews battled hard for that eight thousand pound cheque!

There was popping and locking, jumping and somersaults, splits and turns –you name it, they did it! All the crews performing showed off their agility, their creativity and of course their love of Hip Hop. The ‘One Peace’ crew (Japan) opened the battle and set a high standard of expectation for the rest. Their performance was flashy, humorous and fast paced- surely they had to win?

The Funk Flo Mavericks, represented for the UK, performing a more theatrical routine, which drew the audience in. Natural Effects (Denmark) stunned the audience with their amazing movement and chorography. However there could only be one winner and that was (drum roll) the Flying Steps– straight out of Germany! This is the second year in a row that the Flying Steps have won; let’s see if they can make it a hatrick next year!

Red Bull Beat Battle @ Hackney Empire

So what could top an amazing night of performance and music? Well, you guessed it more music from original Hip Hop vets, EPMD and Keith Murray. Performing classic tracks such as Strictly Business and The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World, the whole of Hackney Empire stood up to show some love and buss a move of their own.

Well that’s all folks, all that is left to say is much love to Red Bull for putting together this stunning Hip Hop extravaganza, much respect to all the performing crews- Crazy Legs and the amazing Mayda Del Valle and last but not least a huge shout out to all the true lovers of Hip Hop around the world! salutes you!

By: Michelle Adabra

Red Bull Beat Battle @ Hackney Empire

Red Bull Beat Battle @ Hackney Empire

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