Red Bull Music Academy - Revolutions In Sound

The 13th of October was a very memorable calendar day for many people in London this year. It was day that Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) decided to host an event named "Revolutions In Sound" with a concept that resulted in having thirty separate parties in thirty separate capsules of the London Eye, in one night.

This meant that RBMA managed to showcase 30 different: deejays, bands and MC’s to masses of people in less than two hours. Each capsule contained a multitude of musical treats for the people that entered into an online competition and won tickets to their selected capsule. Artists such as Professor Green, Metalheadz featuring Goldie and MC Justyce, Andrew Weatherall… AND… the capsule that attended… Horse Meat Disco.

Red Bull Music Academy - Revolutions In Sound

If people did not win a place in a capsule, they were offered a place in the silent disco which was held right outside of the London Eye. Competition winners were handed headphones that allowed them to tune in and out of the capsules above to their hearts desire. What a great idea right? It worked really well too. With a plethora of music to choose from and enough Red Bull to bathe your-self in, this event was a one-off experience we shall never forget. For those that didn’t manage to win any type of ticket, the music being played in each capsule was available to steam live online, in the comfort of your own home.

Red Bull Music Academy - Revolutions In Sound

As it was physically impossible to inhabit more than one capsule during the two rotations of the London Eye, we can only speak of our experience inside the Horse Meat Disco pod. Who would have known that the atmosphere inside a London Eye capsule could escalate to such levels and so quickly? There was a distinct build up throughout the set, starting with a welcoming and relaxed ambience and ending with an uplifting and somewhat chaotic finale. With the music continuing to blast out of the speakers whilst the last people were stepping out of the capsule, the mini crowd exhibited a swell of waving arms and smiles. A titanic amount of respect going out to Horse Meat Disco!

Hopefully, due to the success of this event, RBMA will plan to organise a similar event next year. There’s no harm in hoping, is there?

Event: Red Bull Music Academy – Revolutions In Sound
Date: October 13th 2011
Location: London Eye – Waterloo

By: Kris Drew

Red Bull Music Academy - Revolutions In Sound 

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