Rhyme4Respect, 21st July, Deal Real

A perfect summer evening provided the ideal backdrop for the launch of Rhyme4Respect: the nationwide lyric writing competition. Unveiled at Deal Real Records Records, the UK’s hottest talent turned up to show their support, spread the message and of course promote their music!

The Rhyme4Respect competition is currently searching for inspiring lyrics from emerging talent that promotes self respect and all that positive stuff. The winners of the competition will have an opportunity to collaborate with the likes of Kano, Estelle, Terri Walker or the US rapper Rhymefest. Your favourite UK Hip Hop Website British HipHop.co.uk went along to get the jest, hear some good UK music and support the cause.

Rhyme4Respect, 21st July, Deal RealNow let us paint a picture of the night for you. Guests were spilling out onto Carnaby Street outside the store, the night was buzzing with a whole lot of socialising, alcohol and well you guessed it- music! Special guests, unsigned acts, industry heads and interested passer-byers mingled and chatted, whilst cameras flashed and interviews were being held until it was time for some fresh music, courtesy of our favourite music spot. Deal Real always promotes the best and this was no exception, showcasing some exciting new talented UK acts, Vapour and Digga, WSO and Contrast performed for the Deal Real audience.
On the prowl for special guests we were able to catch Terri Walker, Estelle, Akala and the host for the night Johnny Pitts. We grabbed a few words with a man who is certainly all about his lyrical content: Akala. He told BritishHipHop.co.uk that he was there to lend his support and told us a bit about his forthcoming mix CD which drops on September 4th, entitled ‘A Little Darker’. With a line up that features the likes of his sis Dynamite, J2K, JME, Asher D, Nasty Crew and Bruza to name a few, it sounds big – so keep an ear to the ground for that one. Watch this space for a future interview with Bruza– Get Me!

Rhyme4Respect, 21st July, Deal RealNow BritishHipHop.co.uk isn’t just about promoting established UK artists, we like to pay special attention to the talented unsigned or underground acts, who still have the hunger for it and keep their music tight. Speaking of such artists, we bumped into Lowkey and Logic aka Cigol, who were doing their thing, enjoying their night and promoting their albums. A BritishHipHop.co.uk shout to Logic, whose album ‘The First Stage Of A Gaberlunzie’ is making big moves, so go cop that! Special mentions go to the Vinyl Villains, the lovely ladies of Contrastbynature and WSO, who are sure to do big things in 2007.

So if you’re a budding mc and your aged between 12-21 and have something positive to say about life and relationships, why don’t you enter? Supported by MTV Base, Galaxy FM, Foot Locker and Deal Real this is an opportunity to work with top artists and producers. For more information visit www.rhyme4respect.com or email lyrics to lyrics@rhyme4respect.com. Peace!

By: Michelle Adabra

Rhyme4Respect, 21st July, Deal Real

Rhyme4Respect, 21st July, Deal Real

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