Sonar 2009

I have been to Sonar every year since 2004 & each year has given me an entirely different experience from the others. This year in particular was an experience that I shall not forget in a hurry. For the first time ever I was given press accreditation for all of Sonar day & night… and for the first time ever I only managed to make it on one night of the whole event. This was the Friday night.

For those of you that have never been to Sonar night before, it is a huge place with 4 separate rooms that encompass thousands of people enjoying big name acts in every area. I managed to catch the tail end of Grace Jones (only because I managed to avoid all queues and grab a few cheeky combinados without having to wait). In spite of this, I felt that I found myself wondering if I was watching her because I enjoy the music or because I felt that I should be watching her for the sake of this article. Personally I think she should stick to being the baddy in James Bond movies. She’s much more scarier than she is entertaining.

Sonar 2009

James Murphy vs Pat Mahoney was the most entertaining act I’ve ever seen at Sonar. With people around me informing me that they are something to do with LCD sound system, I looked on in admiration as they battled for a huge crowd reaction to some exceptionally decent, upbeat disco music. This seems to be the way dance music is going at the moment. More and more people are digging in their old crates and modernising some of the better tunes from the 70’s and 80’s.

Having said that Richie Hawton was the next person to enter the stage. His signature minimal beats moved the crowd into a stupor. He is great to watch at work. Never stopping to tweak his bits and bobs to get the mids treble and bass just right for each mix… One of the best things I saw on my visit to a fantastic city.

Sonar 2009
I will definitely be going to Sonar next year. However, I will make sure that I go to more of the festival events. I did miss out on seeing some great acts & what I heard from other people that I met in Barcelona, I missed some amazing stuff.

Already booked my flights for June 2010. Make sure you do it too. See you there!

By: Kris Drew

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