Souls of Mischief Live In Plymouth 17/3/2010

Plymouth has a growing and unified hip-hop scene which was in minor effect at the Souls of Mischief show at the White Rabbit in the bus station last week. Local legend DJ XL and DJ Kitastrophe got the crowd warmed up with some furious turntablism as the small venue started to fill.

Later, we were treated to the intriguing vocal stylings of five man crew Contact Play and Cambridge based SMB crew who were all on stage together having a whale of a time. Their performance received mixed reactions and went on a bit long, but my opinion is they were dope and someone should send me the CD. Check them out on myspace.

Souls of MischiefBy midnight, Sleaze was up strutting his stuff and as is now customary, at least half of the audience was smoking outside the venue so by the time Souls of Mischief took to the stage everybody was appropriately toasted. The Hiero team showed how it's really done bringing out old favorites like 'Oakland Blackouts' and bangers like 'Proper Aim' off the new Montezuma's Revenge album (go BUY it). Years of experience have streamlined SOM’s raw energy into a formidable hip-hop experience.

We missed A-Plus who wasn't at the show due to family matters, but afterwards Opio and Tajai were cool enough to hang out and fire up a blunt.

Many thanks to Sy and Top Billin for hosting, we look forward to forthcoming events!

By: Esh | For international hip-hop:
Photos ©: Top Billin


Souls of Mischief

Souls of Mischief

By Esh

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