Suspect Packages April 16th 2010 - Cappo album launch (Genghis)

Suspect Packages Live has, once again provided us with an impressive line up and some top tunes. This time on the third Friday of the month, the 16th of April 2010, and it was a FREE event. What more could you ask for really?

It was a quality night with Disorda & DJ LoK, dropping Hip Hop, Reggae and Dubstep flavours. There was a nice selection of tunes from the older types of US hip hop that I used to play when I started mixing back in the day, over to UK tunes that we would expect from the realm of Susppect Packages, all the way to some heavy beats and electric sounds of Dub.

Suspect Packages April 16th 2010 - Cappo album launch (Genghis)

Later in the night… preceded by an air of suspense… the renowned Nottingham emcee the Grand Imperial Cappo arrived and, live on stage, began performing his new LP “Genghis” in full, plus some of his older classics (which most of the people there unashamedly knew every word to). This included my favourite track off the new album “Most Wanted”. It’s a quality track that has even made its way into the recording of my new mixtape, which is always an honour. So keep your eye out for his new album. In fact you can find his album in all formats including a limited edition USB stick here:

Suspect Packages April 16th 2010 - Cappo album launch (Genghis)

For those of you that didn’t quite make it to the show, I have uploaded a video of the man in action for you to peruse at your leisure at this address: There are a few other videos on there that were recorded on the same night so you should be able to get a picture of how good the night was.

Alongside Cappo was another legend in the game, the one and only DJ Styly Cee – formally known (to me) as MC Pitman. I loved those couple of albums he made; dry as fook humor and a cup of tea to go with it. Yep, some good mixing, cutting and scratching from the long standing gentleman. I have to say that I was pretty impressed.

Suspect Packages April 16th 2010 - Cappo album launch (Genghis)

I’ll be making sure that I go to the next one. I’m not sure who will be there yet, but from looking at previous Suspect Packages nights and considering the splendid night I had, I’m sure it will be a good session with a great line up.

Usually, the tunes run from 8-1am, its free entry, and takes place @ Vibe Live (upstairs @ Vibe Bar), Brick Lane, London, E1.

Make sure you befriend Suspect Packages on Facebook so that you can keep up to date with current events and receive the odd cheeky (free) exclusive track.

By: Kris Drew

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