The Throwdown @ Plan B, Brixton

Throwdown, London’s pioneering Breaks and Hip Hop night has been gracing Brixton every second Thursday of the month since December 05, with affordable entry prices it attracts a varied group, including London locals, students and young professionals.

The venue Plan B is an idyllic spot which holds 400 people, and seems as if it was purpose built for the Throwdown gangs requirements. Its intimate but not small and there is ample seating and easy access to the bar, which stretches across the whole back wall of the club. Drinks don’t come particularly cheap but standard measures are double. (If you are going to get outrageously drunk, do be careful on the stairs to the toilets, I’ve observed several causalities…)
The Throwdown @ Plan B, BrixtonThe music is a fusion of Breakbeats and Hip Hop with special guests appearing including the likes of Skinnyman and Mr. Thing. Residents include DJ Deekline, Donna D and carasmatichost Mystery, the later to being the creators of Throwdown. An evenings entertainment at Throwdown is will be divided by battles of popping and locking, EASTPAK is the proud sponsors of Throwdown and they provide prizes for the dancers as well as cash prizes being available for the best contestants.

Throwdown do specialize in this genre of dance, however even if you are a novice, I can assure you’ll enjoy spectating. As well as this DJ and MC battles take place where you are likely to hear a host up and coming talent. Don’t make the assumption that your going to be hearing egos and insults, Throwdown bares no likeness to Jump Off so your not going to be hearing obscenities or superficial insults etc, the battles are judges on each rappers own lyrical content, style and flows. Graff battles are also an ongoing feature at Throwdown with Plan B being adorned with a mass of amazing and interesting pieces of art.
The Throwdown @ Plan B, BrixtonJust so you don’t get bored, as if you could, with Throwdown they do try to keep you interested with different themes for the event, including most recently a very successful pole dancing evening, as well as sporadic booty shaking battles. The Throwdown crew has also put together several of their events to raise money for the Tsunami disaster fund at a complete non profit to themselves.  
Mystery and Donna Dee are not happy with just their monthly event. Throwdown is expanding fast, they are an annual feature at ‘Snowbombing‘ in Austria and have already put together several larger nights also in Brixton at the Mass.  Combining their usual brand of Hip Hop with Drum and Bass, taking there positive attitudes, love of the music and fresh positive vibes with them.
Throwdown TV is now a feature too, DVD’s have been put together which are available on the website and several others including The Guardian awarded Throwdown 5 stars and I tend to agree, I get the feeling that Throwdown will become a lifestyle, so get down to Brixton, second Thurs of the month before it completely blows up!

By Laura Beale

The Throwdown @ Plan B, Brixton

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