Vauxhall Tribes The Grand Final 2007 with Dizzee Rascal - Sep 8th 2007
If you missed the Vauxhall Tribes Grand Final than you missed out on a spectacular evening filled with some of the most impressive creative talent in the UK. Staged in a secluded car park, the cream of the UK’s freshest urban talent battled it out at the final of Vauxhall Tribes.

After an exhaustive search across the UK, outstanding performers from the fields of beatboxing, breakdancing, MC-ing and street art were selected to battle it out for the chance to perform alongside the man of the moment Dizzee Rascal; Britishhiphop was there to witness how it all went down.

Judges on the night included world famous beatboxer Shlomo, Graffiti artist Daisuke Sakaguci, Vauxhall Tribe’s Creative Director Andy Instone and of course the original boy in the corner Dizzee Rascal.

It was certainly hard concentrating on the acts with all the gleaming Vauxhalls on display but the distraction was only temporary as all the acts succeeded in thrilling and entertaining us all with their energy, talent and sheer will to win. The beatboxing final was perhaps the most electrifying moment of the night – if not the most tense. After a series of eliminations the final was a tight battle; both acts were brilliant but there can only be one. In this case the winner was Fozzi, he successfully captivated the crowd with his awe inspiring beat box improvisation- Killa Kela better watch out!

Forget 8 Mile, the MC battle demonstrated the high level of talent we have brewing right here in the UK. The lyrics were razor sharp; the delivery was swift and the timing impeccable – all of the MCs involved were there to win. The final came down to a close battle of wills between two talented rappers. In the end, Frilla’s introspective rap style won the judges and the audience over.

Vauxhall Tribes 2007

Britishhiphop also needs to shout out Agent who won the street art competition and bboy JP, who popped and locked his way to be crowned the winner of the street dance segment. All of the winners will now perform on stage with a seasoned veteran of the UK urban music scene, Dizzee Rascal.

Overall it was entertaining event; music was provided by the one and only DJ MK and the audience were kept merry with gallons of Red Bull. Big up to Vauxhall Tribes for hosting the event and shining the spotlight on real, unsigned talent.

By: Michelle Adabra

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Vauxhall Tribes The Grand Final 2007 with Dizzee Rascal - Sep 8th 2007

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