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R.I.P. 50/50

R.I.P. 50/50

It is with great regret that we inform you of the passing of Carl 50/50Fearon, original member of The UK's World Famous / Imfamous Hip Hop Supergroup, The 57th Dynasty. His funeral has is scheduled for 25th of January, with a reception to be held at The Harry Caddick Hall, Lilford Road, Brixton.

Wiley - Playtime Is Over CD [Big Dada]

Wiley – Playtime Is Over CD [Big Dada]

Wiley, the pioneer, the founding father, the maverick, the relentless innovator, releases his brand new (and possibly last) album on Monday June 4th. A blazing return to the experimental crucible of the East London music known as grime, "Playtime Is Over" offers everything that is most brutal, cutting edge, funny, clever, terrifying and moving about the sound and the world which created it.

Wiley - 50/50 b/w Bow E3 CD [Big Dada]

Wiley – 50/50 b/w Bow E3 CD [Big Dada]

A few months ago we had the announcement that Wiley was retiring, but for someone as prolific as Wiley that was never going to be the full stiory. The legendary pioneer of Grime, one of the UK's greatest musical mavericks, returns to the fray for what may be his last artist album and hits it in the kind of form which makes you hope he'll be here forever.