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Various Artists - Evolution Of Hip Hop Vol. 2 CD [Hip Hop Informant]

Various Artists – Evolution Of Hip Hop Vol. 2 CD [Hip Hop Informant]

The Hip Hop Informant is back with the second volume of his Evolution Of Hip Hop Series. Its billed as a mixtape and I'm not sure why as this is a simple compilation. Regardless the selection of tracks is top notch and an eye-opener to the sheer variety of Hip Hop that is available out there right now. There is a grime feel to some of the tracks, but that is not to say that there isn't a few boom bap classics in there as well as a few obligatory shout outs, (propers to Natureboy Rowe who even shouts out Britishhiphop.co.uk!!).

Beit Nun

Beit Nun

Beit Nun is an underground Hip-Hop artist from Macclesfield, UK, and is the founder/owner of Innit Records. December 2005 saw his debut release entitled 'Cheap As Chips' followed by his first solo project in December 2007 titled 'Where The Art Is (Volume 1)'.

Bare Beats - A Spare Minute [Audio]

Bare Beats – A Spare Minute [Audio]

With the up and coming release of Modulok & Bare Beats 'Two Cities', Beats is dropping a free promo CD & digital download of some exclusive tracks and remixes. Eight tracks deep, this mini album is straight up head nodding magic, Beats keeping it raw & gritty as always with all the mc’s fitting the project tightly.