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Rogue x Poet - Against the Grain

Rogue x Poet – Against the Grain [Video]

The Inglorious Poet and DJ Rogue collaborate to bring you the first song from their upcoming project TBA. Rogue brings superbly sampled soulful backing which Poet adorms with his gruff tones which positively espouse self-progression and the barriers placed in his way. Also paying respect to others Inglorious Poet refuses to get involved in petty arguments.



Outspoken, thoughtful and ready to give you a slice of his musings, B'Tol, the Bristolian MC answers a few of my burning questions in what might be one of the most interesting and in depth interviews I've conducted. B'Tol provides a fresh and insightful perspective on Bristol's musical and social heritage. In amongst that he manages to promote his own music and the entire Bristol Hip Hop scene!