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Dark Side of The Moon - 7th

Dark Side of The Moon – 7th (New Album)

Dark Side of the Moon are an Underground Hip Hop super-group from the UK consisting of Flowtecs, Menace Mendoza, Dragon Priest, Nomad, Dr.Voodoo (aka Tom Ryan) and Jonny Data - names that are synonymous with the UK Hip Hop scene for their unparalleled lyrical ability and an uncompromisingly gritty sound.

Black Opal - Fermented Wasps

Black Opal – Fermented Wasps [Video]

This is the first Single from London based duo Black Opal the duo consisting of Cyrus Malachi of Triple Darkness and Dot.i (formerly Hey!zeus) of Obba Supa. As we like it this has strong beats, eerie strings and edgy vocals educating the third eye. Taken from their forthcoming album 'The Undiscovered Self'.

Cappo And Stealf - Unicron EP [De Facto Entertainment]

Cappo And Stealf – Unicron EP [De Facto Entertainment]

De Facto Entertainment is proud to present 'Unicron' courtesy of Nottingham veteran Cappo aka Grizwald aka Grand Imperial aka etc. produced by boom bap aficionado Stealf. The consistent work rate combined with the deep abstract lyricism is why Cappo is regarded as one of the greats in UK Hip Hop and Stealf holds an impressive production resume which promises that 'Unicron' will live up to that reputation.

Melanin 9 - Magna Carta LP [Red Snow]

Melanin 9 – Magna Carta LP [Red Snow]

Melanin 9's Magna Carta (due to be released on the 3rd of December by Red Snow) has been two years in the making and is the London rapper's first album. The sound is a refreshing return to classic hip hop whilst staying firmly rooted in modern Britain. Magna Carta , at its core, is focused on old school hip hop values. In many ways it's an album that could fall under the umbrella of conscious hip hop, but M9 is set apart from other conscious rappers in the UK by having a greater focus on the stories you can touch with your fingertips.