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Souls Of Mischief Carhartt Instore

Souls Of Mischief Carhartt Instore

There is a massive instore on Monday 9th November at the Carhartt store in Covent Garden [Earlham St] London to celebrate the forthcoming long player from West Coast Heiroglypics affiliated group the Souls of Mischief. The album Montezuma’s Revenge which is entirely produced entirely by the legendary Prince Paul is set to drop early next year.

DJ Gone - Sin City Mix CD [Kung Fu]

DJ Gone – Sin City Mix CD [Kung Fu]

The tracklist for DJ Gone's 'Sin City', out now on Kung Fu, kinda speaks for itself to any UKHH head. Featuring the cream of the scene and in the vein of Kung Fu's showcasing 'Sin City' is over an hour's worth of exclusive freestyles and tracks - it's basically a must for those fans who strive for more than an artist's album and single output. It's also pretty essential for anyone who just wants to bump quality Hip Hop for an hour.

Yes King - Biography

Yes King – Biography

The brainchild of production duo Mark Rae and Rhys Adams, Yes King fuse a melée of styles from hip hop, dancehall, ragga and ska into their own unique brand. Mark Rae has long been a figurehead of the UK music scene following the success of his first production outfit Rae & Christian, the establishment of the former Grand Central Records and Manchester’s Fat City record shop.



Originally hailing from Leeds, Braintax founded Lowlife Records in 1992 and is now based in London. His label roster includes some of the biggest names in British hip-hop such as Jehst, Skinnyman, Task Force, Mystro, Micall Parkinsun, Asaviour, Verb-T and Kashmere, plus new talent in the form of Dubbledge. He also co-runs Riddim Killa with the legendary Rodney P and is an MC and producer in his own right.

Braintax - Panorama LP [Low Life]

Braintax – Panorama LP [Low Life]

"It's difficult to talk about something, it's easy to talk about nothing..." That's how Brains and Lowlife MC Verb T speak it on the chorus to "Pick A Subject", the 9th track on Joseph Christie's long-awaited second album "Panorama" - and that being the case, it's a good thing the man like Brando Flux has decided to make the effort.