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Soul:ID - Biography

Soul:ID – Biography

The Soul:ID story begins in Africa (Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda to be exact) where three-quarters of the band originate. Their journeys brought them together in Brussels, Belgium where after years of working as studio musicians and backing vocalists, they decided it was their time to step into the spotlight. The result of their combined talent is the album 'Sex Love & Philosophy', first released in USA (on respected label ABB) and Japan.

Planet Asia - Thick Ropes [Video]

Planet Asia – Thick Ropes [Video]

Planet Asia's video for his single "Thick Ropes" is produced by Dilated People's Evidence and is one of my favorite tracks from Asia's full-length album The Medicine. Some might consider Planet Asia to be underground, but he is proving he is no backpacker as he spits about stickups, bragging rights, or sexual conquests. This song will change your mind about Asia.



When interviewing Defari, I was amazed that such a famous rapper could be so casual. His PR, Michelle, warned he wasn't interested in talking about anything personal, about any rumours, or such like (standard prep talk for interviewers I think!). We spoke about his new album, 'Street Music', out in stores now, on ABB Records, and about his experience working with Dr Dre.