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Foreign Beggars

Foreign Beggars

I caught up with Shlomo and Orifice Vulgatron at the Leeds leg of the Vauxhall Beatboxing Championships. My full report on the event will be dropping soon in Traffic Magazine but in this interview (exclusive to britishhiphop.co.uk), the guys give me the downlow on beatbox choirs, bowling and Vulgatron's Dented Records imprint.

Human Beatboxing - Shlomo

Human Beatboxing

The art of human beatboxing is one of the fastest growing trends in youth culture since the birth of Hip Hop. Since its origins on the streets of New York in the 1980s, beatboxing has morphed into an incredible performance art, with beatbox artists recreating entire tracks, and producing sounds unimaginable to the untrained ear.

Shlomo - Biography

Shlomo – Biography

Leeds based beatbox artist Shlomo became internationally recognised after his work with Icelandic superstar Bjiork was nominated for a Grammy. Shlomo’s beats were then used as the theme to the Athens Olympics, with the Opening Ceremony performance reaching an estimated audience of 4.5 billion worldwide.