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Verbal Contact - Literary Vices

Verbal Contact – Literary Vices

In hip-hop terms, Leeds-based record label 30-Tonne Slug can be likened to waiting for a bus. The Northern scene has been waiting for years for a debut release from these guys and now, following the release of “Alphabetix Anonymous” by their label mates, the Alphabetix, Verbal Contact are hot on their heels with their own EP; “Literary Vices”.

Alphabetix Anonymous

Alphabetix Anonymous

Over the years, we’ve seen many of the country’s sickest artists come out of Leeds city. With the launch of their new EP “Alphabetix Anonymous”, there’s a group on the horizon who look set to send a fresh wave of funky hip-hop out to the masses. The “Alphabetix” are fast gaining a solid reputation up North, with the release of their debut EP doing nothing but favours for their reputation further a field.

Britishhiphop.co.uk / Straight Out Leodis Podcast 2 - March 2007

Straight Out Leodis – HHBRadio.com Show (June 2007)

Easy all... I've been lucky enough to link with the very talented people at HHBRadio.com and am now doing a live Straight Out Leodis mix show for them. For those who don't know, HHB is the number one internet radio station for UK Hip-Hop. They're the only station out there with a 100% UK Hip-Hop playlist and feature hosted shows by the likes of Tricksta (Wolftown / UK Runnings), Evil Ed and Jabba The Kut.