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Karl Hinds

Karl Hinds

Karl Hinds definitely deserves respect. Starting way back in 1993 he founded and put out drum and bass on the Assassin label. He then went on in 2000 to set up hip hop label Ill Flava Records. Self-producing and rapper on all his albums, Karl Hinds is definitely an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. I met up with him at his studio in Ilford for a serious discussion about his story so far in UK hip-hop and beyond.

Modulok And Bare Beats - Two Cities Cd [Bare Records]

Modulok And Bare Beats – Two Cities Cd [Bare Records]

“Hip hop’s not dead, just a couple of people need a smack in the head”. These are the lines you need to learn off by heart the next time somebody confronts you with some hip hop hatred, as opposed to the full on (stay on the train and listen to me - I seriously don’t care if you’ll miss your stop) Nino rant. Modulok and Bare Beats are concise and straight to the point in a way, let’s face it, most MCs can’t even silently wave a mike at.