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The PAQ - Chivalry

The PAQ – Chivalry [Video]

"Chivalry" is a slow paced bubbler which introduces The PAQ. Comprised of a pair of Nottingham based MCs, Jimmy Rocket sets the tone with a verse focussed on getting inside his girl shortly followed by Vandal Savage, who continues to carry the sleepy feel the song provides.

Vandal Savage - Big H Vibe

Vandal Savage – Big H Vibe [Video]

Vandal Savage aka The Bic Master, aka Vandal Vorhees hailing from Nottingham in the UK drops his self produced track Big H Vibe. Describing himself as, "far from tales of 'robbing the rich the feed the poor" Vandal Savage paints a picture of grimy street tales to self prestige of mind, body and soul.