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Unity - Dinner On The Table

Unity – Dinner On The Table [Video]

Dinner One The Table by Unity is a glorious video that richly manifests Unity's album Diving Deeper's elemental beating heart. Shot on (and in) location, the video has been created by Doc BlackdaWho and runs on a fluid theme with Ogmore-by-the-Sea and the Ystradfelte falls more than amplify. The track is a reworking of a DW Smith beat.

Brighty - Spare Parts

Brighty – Spare Parts EP [Bard Picasso]

Bard Picasso Records proudly presents the brand new boom bap showcase from South Wales' very own 'Brighty'. Coming from a background of grime and commercial sounding production, Brighty spreads his wings and expands his range to a more authentic Hip Hop vibe, akin to the sounds of the 90's and cementing his place as one of the most versatile artists to come from the Welsh Hip Hop scene.