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Bassline Circus Tours New Show

Bassline Circus Tours New Show

Bassline Circus is touring a new show, ‘Advertigo’. This is circus as you’ve never seen it before, cleverly combining mind-blowing high wire antics, genetically modified street arts and clowns with the infectious sounds of new skool beats. This year’s show ‘Advertigo’ demolishes the culture of commercial advertising, disintegrates the dodgy world of the blipvert, spammer and door-to-door sales-mugger and provides a dizzying roller-coaster ride of multi media madness and mayhem with some of the best breakbeat, digital graffiti, vj-ing, scratching and circus acts you’re likely to see all year.

Bassline Circus

Bassline Circus Summer Dates

Bassline Circus is London's touring tented New Skool circus. They are a not-for-profit, new-skool British hip hop circus building their second summer tour. Despite the fact that new licensing laws are introducing massive new costs for small circus' the Bassline Circus is still going strong.