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Originally hailing from Leeds, Braintax founded Lowlife Records in 1992 and is now based in London. His label roster includes some of the biggest names in British hip-hop such as Jehst, Skinnyman, Task Force, Mystro, Micall Parkinsun, Asaviour, Verb-T and Kashmere, plus new talent in the form of Dubbledge. He also co-runs Riddim Killa with the legendary Rodney P and is an MC and producer in his own right.

Braintax - Panorama LP [Low Life]

Braintax – Panorama LP [Low Life]

"It's difficult to talk about something, it's easy to talk about nothing..." That's how Brains and Lowlife MC Verb T speak it on the chorus to "Pick A Subject", the 9th track on Joseph Christie's long-awaited second album "Panorama" - and that being the case, it's a good thing the man like Brando Flux has decided to make the effort.