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Cyclonious - Never Lose Your Passion mp3 [Bravestarh]

Cyclonious – Never Lose Your Passion mp3 [Bravestarh]

Cyclonious comes with another heavyweight video from his latest release 'The Warrior & The BlackSmith'. Cyclonious returns with his second installment of 2011, 'The Warrior & the Blacksmith', that is set to continue the fire that 'Escape to Reality' ignited. Cyclonious is a very focused and talented songwriter and performer and over the last couple of years he has cemented himself in the UK scene by releasing quality product on a frequent basis.



Cyclonious' talents first came to my attention due to a trip he made northwards to play at Leeds' Urban Mondays night. Having heard some of his tracks, I wanted to find out some more about him so I made the connection and in the process sorted out the following interview for your reading pleasure.