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Brazilian Beats 'N Pieces - Mixed By Phat Kev

Brazilian Beats ‘N Pieces – Mixed By Phat Kev CD [Mr Bongo]

I've recently been sent a couple of pieces from record shop / label Mr Bongo's giving me a little insight into Brazilian music and culture. I guess a lot of people's knowledge of Brazil encompasses soccer, some of the world's finest Drum & Bass , the film Cidade De Deus and the video to Snoop's "Beautiful "... mine certainly doesn't go a lot further. I'm aware that it's a former Portugese colony in South America with a reputation for great weather and fine women, made significantly less joyous by grinding poverty and a shockingly high crime rate.

Tinho, Pato And Flip

Tinho, Pato And Flip

O Contemporary – one of the UK’s leading contemporary art spaces is excited to announce the first ever UK showing of Sao Paulo’s most celebrated Urban Artists, Tinho, Pato and Flip. The exhibition which is the first of its kind to be held in the Europe will showcase a wide range of innovative techniques and styles not usually associated with more familiar forms of urban art.