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RareKind - Mind The Gap

RareKind – Mind The Gap

The RareKind graffiti gallery / shop in Brighton have been getting busy this month. The 3 story hip hop emporium is already well known for its unique range of graffiti canvasses, clothing, books, music; but now the interior of the shop has been transformed since they acquired a beautiful set of reclaimed Northern Line tube doors, now installed in the gallery as a permanent fixture.

Monkeys 7

Monkeys 7″s on radioreverb.com

The Brighton based radio spectacular that is Monkey's 7 Inches has moved to friday nights at 10pm. Unfortunately the station has had to cut a whole bunch of music shows, but fortunately Mark Hooley is still on all be it with a shorter show. Recently he has featured guests including the wonderful Jim Bushy of Catskills fame...

Tinho, Pato And Flip

Tinho, Pato And Flip

O Contemporary – one of the UK’s leading contemporary art spaces is excited to announce the first ever UK showing of Sao Paulo’s most celebrated Urban Artists, Tinho, Pato and Flip. The exhibition which is the first of its kind to be held in the Europe will showcase a wide range of innovative techniques and styles not usually associated with more familiar forms of urban art.

Black Grass – Biography

Mex is a bona fide vinyl junkie - the kind of junkie that doesn't want help. He's happiest when he's at one with his drug of choice. In the mid-nineties he fed his addiction by working in record shops, DJing hip hop and funk breaks at seminal Brighton night Knowledge Of Self, warming up for the likes of OC, Jurassic 5 and Big L.

Rarekind Opens New Brighton Store

Rarekind Opens New Brighton Store

RareKind, the UK’s leading and best loved Hip Hop organisation has opened their much anticipated new store in the heart of Brighton. A stone’s throw from the previous shop location, the new store on Trafalgar Street is a massive expansion for RareKind following the success of the last four years.

Mr Lif

Mr Lif Mini Biography

Mr Lif is from Boston. He is a political and socially conscious rapper reminiscent of acts like Boogie Down Production & Public Enemy who were known for their deeply thought provoking lyrics. Born Jeffrey Haynes, Mr. Lif grew up in the Boston, MA, suburb of Brighton. He released his first single, Elektro, in 1998, attracting the attention of labels Grand Royal and Def Jux.