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Beats & Rhymes - Music Licensing Company

Beats and Rhymes Expands Services Beyond Music Licensing, To Include A&R, Record Releases, & Fashion

Beats & Rhymes, a hip-hop music licensing company associated with DeWolfe Music, has recently broken into the record business. The release of their split 12" single, Jones in Ya Bones / Blackman marks an expansion into a new sector of the music industry by the talented New York-based company. They also recently teamed up with BeanDip clothing company to carry out music and fashion collaborations.

Black Attack - Black Man / Butta Verses Jones In Ya Bones CD [Audio Clutch]

Black Attack – Black Man / Butta Verses Jones In Ya Bones CD [Audio Clutch]

Veteran MC's Black Attack and Butta Verses have just release their new respective singles on a single 12" each taking a side each. Black Attack's single, "Black Man", is a hypnotic song that takes the listener on a journey through Black's world as a veteran rapper. Many people will have the tale of label set backs, but it is unusual for someone with Black Attack's skills to still be struggling to get his work out there some twelve years later.

Butta Verses - Graffiti Gallery

Butta Verses – Graffiti Gallery

Butta Verses whilst being known as an MC is also an acomplished writer who has been known to hit up a few walls. With possiblly thousands of walls behind him he is capble of a variety of styles from the basic to wildstyles. Check out a few of his peices below and be sure to be on the look out for his special double sided rease on which he teams up with Lucien for the Jones In Ya Bones track with  Black Attack's Black Man on the flip.

Butta Verses

Butta Verses – Biography

Butta Verses, a Bronx-bred rapper who now calls Fort Lauderdale, Florida home, made his debut appearance on De La Soul’s 2004 release The Grind Date spitting back to back with Posdonus on the song “No”. Fellow MCs at local ciphers bestowed Butta's name upon him, but once his mixtape reached the ears of DJ Maseo from De La Soul, his rhymes started reaching neighborhoods around the world.