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Phat Kat

Phat Kat

We last caught up with Phat Kat when he was doing his Carte Blanche tour back in 2007. Now he is back over and Nikhil Sharma managed to get a few quick words with him. Read on to find out his thoughts on the state of Hip Hop now, how Detroit has changed, working with Dilla and what the future holds for him.

Phat Kat - The Carte Blanche Tour

Phat Kat – The Carte Blanche Tour

There’s something about Phat Kat I like. I’m not sure what it is. He says it’s because he’s sexy. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but his warm character is definitely engaging. Phat Kat, who worked with J Dilla in the early days has been through a lot of ups and downs in the industry. With labels and management folding etc, he has had to fight to be where he is.

Phat Kat - Carte Blanche LP [Look Records]

Phat Kat – Carte Blanche LP [Look Records]

Detroit native Phat Kat, aka Ronnie Cash, is set to release his second solo album, Carte Blanche. Carte Blanche marks the first time Phat Kat was given total creative control to cherry-pick the best beats and the best emcees to work with. The result is an example of the finest in Hip-Hop Detroit has to offer. Scheduled to be released on Look Records in early 2007, the album finally gives Phat Kat his due credit. At long last, he notes, “I’m with a label that sees my vision”.

Phat Kat - Biography

Phat Kat – Biography

You can forgive Phat Kat for being supremely confident; it’s a trait he’s had all his life. And though this legendary Detroit MC (“from the East side”, he points out) has had his share of ups and downs in the music industry, he refuses to badmouth former labels, preferring to express himself in his rhymes. “I’m not even gonna say nothing, I’m gonna let it show in the music”, he says adamantly.