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G*Fam - Biography

G*Fam – Biography

G who? You may ask! Well a question that most defiantly this year will be answered. G*Fam are a hip-hop trio who all show off their talents by rapping in a style that is second none. G*Fam rocked the stage at the O’bar in Camden and female Nyah shocked the crowd as she delivered her lyrics with such clarity the crowd couldn’t help but scream.

Tricksta Presents UK Runnings - National Anthems Part Two CD [Wolftown]

Tricksta Presents UK Runnings – National Anthems Part Two CD [Wolftown]

The UK’s number one mixtape DJ is back once again. Hot on the heels of Tricksta’s last ‘UK only’ mixtape ‘The Urban Shop Mix’, comes Part Two to the success ‘National Anthems Mixtape’ that he dropped last summer. Once again it features the cream of the crop including some unreleased material by the likes of Akala, Conman, Late, Reveal, Baby Blue, Big Wayne, Swift It Major, Mr. Ti2bs and Size8 from Vicious Circle, as well as contributions from the likes of Sway, Klashnekoff, MD7, Mike GLC, Kyza, Lowkey, Alex Blood and Def1.



The 24 year old man they call the “Super Producer extraordinaire” is introduced to you as Jayo. He is set to become one of the most popular UK Hip-Hop producers on the circuit. Working with an array of artists he is ever expanding his portfolio. He is a man of many talents but his first lady and love is Hip-Hop but can set his magical hands to r‘n’b and grime as well.