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Project Talent

Project Talent

Project Talent UK  the Brainchild of Tony Biola represents a unique and entirely attainable vision of bringing together four separate creative industry-focused initiatives and partners in order to reproduce the real-life cross sector interaction, collaboration and engagement that is a core element of the media, entertainment and creative industries. It is right that creative sectors do not operate within their own separate silos.

Project Talent UK – May – September 2007

Calling All Serious Artists in Music, Fashion, Beauty & Media! Fast-track Yourself to The Next Level! Urban Voice UK, the respected music organisation that offers expert training and showcase platforms for new talent, has partnered with leading creative organisations to deliver a new, multi-faceted programme called Project Talent UK.

Low Life Records

New Low Life Records Website

After several years of running the Low Life Records website and after building it up to be a strong presense on the web, I have had to relinquish control due to other pressures on my time. But this is not a bad thing as the site has been revamped with a tasty new design and […]