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ZoThe Jerk

Zothejerk Talks “Triumphant Struggles” In Today’s America With The Release Of Black Beach

ZotheJerk is the future of Detroit hip hop. The underground rapper from the motor city has teamed up with Winnipeg-based independent producer, Frost Gamble, to put together an exciting new album entitled 'Black Beach'. The likes of Eminem and Big Sean have given Detroit an amazing reputation in the world of hip hop and ZotheJerk has only enhanced this with the help of Frost Gamble. Their album is set to release May 26th and it has the potential to take these two artists to the next level.

Kid Vishis

Kid Vishis

Releasing his debut album "Timing Is Everything" on 22nd July, Kid Vishis has emerged as one of Detroit's most talented lyricists over the past ten years. While still at school, his skills were honed during the "family freestyle basement sessions" with his elder brother Royce da 5 9, before touring initially as the Slaughterhouse veteran's hypeman. Over time, these shows saw him perform his own freestyle slots to sell out crowds nationwide, sharing bills with the likes of Rakim and Slick Rick, Ghostface and many more.

Black Milk - Give The Drummer Sum CD [Fat Beats]

Black Milk – Give The Drummer Sum CD [Fat Beats]

Black Milk gives listeners the first taste of his highly anticipated new album Tronic with the lead single "Give the Drummer Sum". The track shows the Detroit phenom adding a new edge to his production. Black's ever-improving mic skills have a touch of the Hova's flow as he rides over live horns and hard drums on what's sure to be one of the most original and exciting hip hop singles of the year.

Phat Kat - The Carte Blanche Tour

Phat Kat – The Carte Blanche Tour

There’s something about Phat Kat I like. I’m not sure what it is. He says it’s because he’s sexy. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but his warm character is definitely engaging. Phat Kat, who worked with J Dilla in the early days has been through a lot of ups and downs in the industry. With labels and management folding etc, he has had to fight to be where he is.

Mike-E - Biography

Mike-E – Biography

International rap and spoken word artist, stage and screen actor, philanthropist and youth motivator Mike-E will be releasing his highly anticipated album AfroFlow later this summer. Unfaltering in his mission to improve the lives of people around him, Mike-E spends less time worrying about his street cred and more time improving his community.

Phat Kat - Carte Blanche LP [Look Records]

Phat Kat – Carte Blanche LP [Look Records]

Detroit native Phat Kat, aka Ronnie Cash, is set to release his second solo album, Carte Blanche. Carte Blanche marks the first time Phat Kat was given total creative control to cherry-pick the best beats and the best emcees to work with. The result is an example of the finest in Hip-Hop Detroit has to offer. Scheduled to be released on Look Records in early 2007, the album finally gives Phat Kat his due credit. At long last, he notes, “I’m with a label that sees my vision”.

Phat Kat - Biography

Phat Kat – Biography

You can forgive Phat Kat for being supremely confident; it’s a trait he’s had all his life. And though this legendary Detroit MC (“from the East side”, he points out) has had his share of ups and downs in the music industry, he refuses to badmouth former labels, preferring to express himself in his rhymes. “I’m not even gonna say nothing, I’m gonna let it show in the music”, he says adamantly.

Black Milk Spearheads a New Generation of Detroit Hip-Hop

Black Milk Album Leak

Black Milk is the face and voice of the new generation of Detroit hip-hop. His second album, Popular Demand, is so highly anticipated that it unfortunately has been leaked a month before it was supposed to hit the streets. To combat the leak and make sure people go out and actually buy the album, Fat Beats Records will be including a bonus CD of previously unreleased vocal and instrumental tracks.

Black Milk - Sound The Alarm / So Gone 12

Black Milk – Sound The Alarm / So Gone 12″ [Fat Beats]

We at britishhiphop.co.uk are really excited about an upcoming album by an artist you may not know about yet but should. He is a producer and an emcee - his name is Black Milk. He's been buzzing about on the underground for a minute now. In fact, you may actually know about him already - If you're like me, you like to dork out when you get a new album by rushing to read the liner notes. And if you own a recent Slum Village album, then you know about Black.