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Dirty Dike 10th Anniversary Boxset

Dirty Dike 10th Anniversary Boxset

To celebrate 10 years since the release of Dirty Dike's album 'Constant Dikestar', High Focus Records is proud to announce the release of an extremely limited, uniquely hand-painted run of collectors boxsets. Limited to only 50 units, this is a strong contender for the most collectable item dropped on the High Focus Shop to date.

Jack Danz and Lego - Funbags MP3 [Defenders Of Style]

Welcome to 2012: January in Review

The last few years have proven to be some of the finest in the history of British hip-hop, with the ever increasing number of solid emcees emerging, and with them some premier independent record labels that continue to flourish with every passing day. The sheer volume of commendable releases from last year alone was a sure sign that things only continue to get bigger and better for UK hip-hop enthusiasts, and that someday soon hopefully the mainstream industry will catch up and wise up to what they've been missing out on.