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Growing up with hip hop in Freeport, Long Island during the 1980s and 90s, Perfected couldn't really have picked a more suited occupation. What makes Perfected stand out from your cut of the lace MC is his realisation that an overwhelming majority of mainstream rap was below his own abilities and beliefs. After dropping us some fresh cut tracks off the debut album, Perfected was more than willing to talk. And we hope y'all take the initiative to listen.

Perfected - Fresh Change For The Next Decade [Audio]

Perfected – Fresh Change For The Next Decade [Audio]

New York is the recognised home of some truly magnificent artists... of the past. It's hard to name some recent hard hitters without grinding your teeth. Which is why we welcome a new generation of consciousness, diverse ability and pure original hip hop. Check out the man Perfected for yourself. With these exclusive free downloads you will only get on this here site.