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Unity - Dinner On The Table

Unity – Dinner On The Table [Video]

Dinner One The Table by Unity is a glorious video that richly manifests Unity's album Diving Deeper's elemental beating heart. Shot on (and in) location, the video has been created by Doc BlackdaWho and runs on a fluid theme with Ogmore-by-the-Sea and the Ystradfelte falls more than amplify. The track is a reworking of a DW Smith beat.

DW Smith - Voyager 3 Beat Tape

DW Smith – Voyager 3 Beat Tape [Audio]

Following from the exploration of the nine realms of Norse mythology though DW entered a new phase, particularly the nine planets, and the solar system they inhabit. Which brings us to Voyager 3 influenced by TV series including Cosmos and The Wonders Of The Solar System, as well as the album Host The Planets.