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Remulak - Earth LP [Village Live]

Remulak – Earth LP [Village Live]

Producer Remulak has come a long way with his Village Live label in the last few years, putting out many gems and now his debut LP is here and it's a banger. Mainly instrumental, 'Earth' has a great organic sound with laid back pianos and smoothly chopped layered melodies while keeping the drums hard throughout. The album features two tracks with vocalists, 'Hookah Pen' featuring Justo (emcee from group The Physics) and 'Passing Time' featuring Melody Myla (singer), both on point.

Kev Blaze

Kev Blaze

Fresh off the streets of Cleveland Ohio we bring you Kev Blaze. Recently hailed as the King of street R’n’B and with a successful album to his name the young singer is keen to let the world know who he is, and rightly so.