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Cut La Roc Breaks World Record at PLASA 2006

Cut La Roc Breaks World Record at PLASA 2006

An official world record was added to the Guinness Book of Records on Sunday 10th September for simultaneously mixing on 20 decks and 10 mixers!!  Cut La Roc and Ecler had been planning the event for months and after a few technical difficulties during set up the stage was set for history in the making!  Cut La Roc remained calm throughout, well, at least on the outside, here's a run down of the days events:


HAK380 from Ecler, available June

Here are the pre release details for the revolutionary HAK380 from Ecler, which will be available June! One of its unique selling points is the SCRATCH CUE. The Scratch Cue is a smart microprocessor driven feature that allows performing with the crossfader in your headphones before doing it live.