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Bane of Don't Talk To Strangers

Bane of Don’t Talk To Strangers

Don't Talk To Strangers are a crew from West Yorkshire that has started its own label and is expanding to get their name out Europe wide. They have an impressive slate of releases lined up for 2009 already. Check out what their main man Bane had to say to Certified Banger and find out what has happened to the crew since we last caught up with them at the begining of the year.

Chief Wiggum

Chief Wiggum

Like a good Chinese soup nothing goes to waste with Chief Wiggum. He utilises his background, personality and intellect to their full potential in every breathing moment. For a malnutritioned hip hop culture he is the pure soul we crave. Ahead of some mintin’ new projects, and the new album which in stores form Monday; I caught up with him, his lass Natalie, their peaceful new born and Miki B from Brutal Artistry.