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Teach Em x Tom Caruana - Entree

Teach Em x Tom Caruana – Entree [Video]

Excellent wordplay from top female MC Teach Em. As with her name the lyrics are deep and designed to make you use your grey matter to fully get the concept. Sussex based producer and label owner Tom Caruana provides the backing. Entree is taken from Tom Caruana's eighteen track album Brewing Up which is released on Tea Sea Records.



Jimmy Carlisle’s music career started in Decatur Georgia in 1994 when Jimmy (Popa Doc) and three friends created the group Down By Loyalty (DBL). DBL was featured on the 2001 Truly Amazing (Tazz) album “Hated with Respect”. Summer of 2006 Jimmy began working with the vocal quartet Jagged Edge and signed to 581 Muzik Group. He recorded a mixtape entitled "Decatur Niggaz".