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Rap Shack.co.uk

With physical record shops in decline wax junkies are having to rely on a handful of specialist online stores for that mandatory Hip Hop fix. For the second in our series of interviews with the UK’s finest record hustlers we caught up with Adam from Rapshack.co.uk.

Verses - Focused CD [Gutta Hip Hop]

Verses – Focused CD [Gutta Hip Hop]

Loud instrumentals made of trumpets and tuba sounds while Verses introduces you into the Focused song. Verses’ voice is gritty and the whole song is written in an offensive manner. What is scurrilous as well. Verses has a nice flow delivery. However, I would like to point out a main weakness in the artist’s way of rapping, not from a hater’s point of view, but simply trying to offer some constructive criticism.

Dark Daze

Dark Daze

Dark Daze is an acclaimed and groundbreaking Graffiti Art photographer from the UK and is to hold an exhibition called ‘Pieces’ at the University of Essex Gallery. Running from the 20th April to 11th May, britishhiphop.co.uk thought we had better catch up with the man and find out what he had to divulge...