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Ghost67 - Angel Of Sin CD [Geppettos Cave Entertainment]

Ghost67 – Angel Of Sin CD [Geppettos Cave Entertainment]

British rapper and lyricist Ghost 67 began writing spoken word at the tender age of sixteen until he heard Mark B & Blade's album The Unknown. It was this slice of UK Hip-Hop history that really got Ghost67 writing and recording tracks and freestyles. Ghost67 swore he would track down Blade as he wanted to show him his bars and his flow, as well as taking on board any advice that this experienced UK veteran could give.

4hero - Play With The Changes LP

4hero – Play With The Changes LP [Raw Canvas]

True originators are thin on the ground but 4hero’s claim is more robust than most. As pioneers of jungle and drum n bass, they massively changed the face of 90s music and made a huge contribution to dance culture. Forging ahead with new beats and new techniques, the London duo have released a steady stream of precious moments and crafted a sound which is entirely their own.

Face – Ladies CD [Brown Punk]

Face was once a key member of the So-Solid Crew, but after releasing a series of mixtapes and creating a new crew called the Black Piranhas he has got his own deal and is set to release music as a solo artist. Earlier ths year Tricky set up a new label with Chris Blackwell and they decided to take a punt on Face.