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Blaq Poet - Biography

Blaq Poet – Biography

Blaq Poet, a Queensbridge, NY native, first made a name for himself in 1987, entering his name into the legendary battle of Queens vs. The Bronx with his song "Beat You Down", a scathing attack on KRS-One. Later, honoring a dead friend and namesake, he formed the hardcore rap group Screwball, comprised of other QB spitters Hostyle, Solo, and Poet’s cousin KL.

Black Milk - Give the Drummer Some / The Matrix CD [Fat Beats]

Black Milk – Give the Drummer Some / The Matrix CD [Fat Beats]

Considering everyone’s riding his dick like his nuts have handle bars it’s a controversial point of view; but I think new Detroit poster boy Black Milk is overrated. Some of his stuff is nice - his early dalliances with Slum Village turned up a few gems as did his debut Sound of the City and the Broken Wax EP, particularly the heavy cut Danger. But his feverishly feted sophomore LP left me a bit cold. Maybe I’m just a fussy bastard but I don’t see what all the fanfare is about.


eLZhi ft. Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Fatt Father, Danny Brown and Fat Ray – Fire CD [Fat Beats]

In the late-nineties, eLZhi made a name for himself by moving his way up through the ranks of Detroit's underground scene and teaming up with Slum Village for his first big taste of success. He has since been making the rounds, working with local Detroit luminaries such as J Dilla, Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers, and Dwele, in addition to a well-received solo tour of Europe during his early years in the game.

Ill Bill – Society is Brainwashed / I’m a Goon 12″ [Fat Beats]

There was something special about hearing Non-Phixon’s brand of paranoid splutter over vintage Premier on Rock Stars. For Primo it sounded like a welcome break from the usual suspects and as good as Necro’s beats can be, if you’re a dope rapper from NY it’s a rite of passage to flow on a Work of Mart. Subsequently, it was only right that Ill Bill, the most talented and engaging of the crew rekindle that magic on this teaser from his forthcoming LP ‘The Hour of Reprisal’.

Black Milk - Give The Drummer Sum CD [Fat Beats]

Black Milk – Give The Drummer Sum CD [Fat Beats]

Black Milk gives listeners the first taste of his highly anticipated new album Tronic with the lead single "Give the Drummer Sum". The track shows the Detroit phenom adding a new edge to his production. Black's ever-improving mic skills have a touch of the Hova's flow as he rides over live horns and hard drums on what's sure to be one of the most original and exciting hip hop singles of the year.

Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles

Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles

For many of us, Freddie Foxxx is the people’s champion who is still heavily slept on. When I first got through he was midway through an interview and I heard him say “…they’re not experimenting enough, they need to be more diverse…”. I assume he was talking about the current state of emcees, a topic he is always glad to discuss in interviews and on his records.

Freddie Foxxx - Killa 12" [Fat Beats]

Freddie Foxxx – Killa 12″ [Fat Beats]

In the first single "Killa" from the mysteriously shelved 1994 album Crazy Like A Foxxx, we’re transported back in time to a different era of hip-hop. Bumpy Knuckles and 2Pac’s rawness evoke a New York City where gang violence was at an all time high and many of Bumpy's friends were in prison. There’s no mincing words in the track; Bumpy states, "If they wanna rumble with the Foxxx / Then they get shot".