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Channel U

Channel U: The Future Of UK Urban Music?

UK Hip Hop is beginning to grow at a rapid pace because of the genres unique mix of sounds that everyone can adapt to. Overall, Hip Hop is beginning to embrace people to the point where everyone now wants to become the ‘next big rapper’ to hit the scene. Crossing over to the UK shores, it seems as though UK Hip Hop has its own big conservatoire for everyone to go and learn the art form.

Ozzie B

Ozzie B

Oi! Who’s that O to the Z! You may remember that line from the classic Grime track 'Oi' which still smashes up dances. In fact More Fire Crew, which then consisted of members Ozzie B, Neeko and Lethal B and is now the collective known as Fire Camp (minus Neeko), have notched up several classic bangers, including a little known track called POW.