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Reps used to hang with the Janomi Crew in Brighton and has his own group Skill Mega, but recently he has found himself firmly ensconsed in the Polish rap scene. Find out what it is like to release your own material simultaneously in two countries and the problems involved in promoting it in this interview with Certified Banger...

Reps - Saga of a Peaceful Man CD [Flash Fry Records]

Reps – Saga of a Peaceful Man CD [Flash Fry Records]

For every Triple Darkness album you need a Reps album. ‘The Saga of a Peaceful Man’ sits on the brighter side of Hip Hop, a position that believe me, makes it no less credible. Reps has a created an incredibly listenable album that at 45 minutes long doesn’t bore you to death. The sound is typical of much of the Hip Hop coming out of Brighton – tinged with the friendly aroma of the cultural melting pot that greets even the most casual of day trippers.