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Sir Tomz - Lockdown The Mixtape CD [Jailhouse Ltd]

Sir Tomz – Lockdown The Mixtape MP3 [Jailhouse Ltd]

Sir Tomz is a star in the making. this urban music entrepreneur, recording artist, producer and studio engineer is definitely a name to look out for. His hard work ethic and immense focus giving a great sense of uniqueness. Sir Tomz recently re-entered the game after a self-imposed break. This break gave him time to reflect, rebuild and reshape his infrastructure. Tomz is back and he is more serious than ever.

Juice Aleem

Juice Aleem

Juice Aleem is an old timer who has been a mainstay of UK Hip Hop from time, involved with the New Flesh and Gamma projects. He was on the first ever Big Dada release in 1997 and helped open many doors for innovative UK urban music, and he is still making fresh, exciting, political tunes. He’s got his first solo LP out - Jerusalaam Come, so Nikhil Sharma caught up with him.

Juice Aleem - Jerusalaam Come LP [Big Dada]

Juice Aleem – Jerusalaam Come LP [Big Dada]

In this age of Hip-Hop being about, Sex, drugs, violence and the amount of money you have or you can spend teamed with an electronic beat / melody and auto tune, what you get is what I call novelty rap. I don’t consider it to be Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop means, Intelligent movement, it’s an art form and to hear people glamorising violence to the extreme over and over again doesn’t entice me to listen, it doesn’t make me think, doesn’t challenge my thoughts. All that changes with Jerusalaam Come.